Day 1

Embarkation on cruise in Aswan and Overnight.
Music in the bar.
Overnight in Aswan.

Day 2

Visit to High Dam and Philae Temple.
Afternoon visit to Nubian Museum.
Cocktail Party.
Overnight in Aswan.

Day 3

Lunch on board.
14:00 Sail to Kom Ombo.
17:00 Visit Kom Ombo Temple.
19:30 Sail to Edfu.
Guest Show.
Overnight in Edfu.

Day 4

06:45: Visit Edfu Temple.
Sail to Luxor via Esna Lock.
Embarkation for Luxor / Cairo clients.
Music in the bar.
Overnight in Luxor

Day 5

07:00: Visit the West Bank -- Valley of the Kings & Temple of Queen Hatshepsut
(El-Deir El-Bahari).
14:00: Visit East bank (Karnak & Luxor Temples).
Overnight in Luxor.

Day 6

07:00: Early Sail to Qena.
13:00: Lunch on board.
14:00: Visit Dendara Temple
16.00: Back to Ship in Qena.
Contest Party.
19.30: Overnight in Qena.

Day 7

07:00: Sail to Naga Hammadi.
11.00: Passing the bridges in Naga Hammadi & sail to Abu Homar lock.
12.40:Arrive to Abu Homar lock.
Sail to Balyana.
13.00: Lunch on board
14.30: Visit Abydos temple
16.30:Back to the ship and sail to Sohag.
19.30: Dinner on board.
Overnight Sohag

Day 8

Sail from Sohag to Tel El Amarna via Asyut Lock.
07.00: Breakfast on board.
10.00: Arrive to Asyut lock.
13.00: Arrive to Minya & Overnight.
Pass the lock and sail to Tel El Amarna.
19.30: Dinner on board.
Overnight Tel El Amarna

Day 9

07:00: Visit Tel El Amarna.
Visit to northern tombs Tomb of Ahmose (EA3), Tomb of Meryre (EA4),
Tomb of Pentu (EA5), Tomb of Panehesy (EA6), and Royal Tomb of Akhenaten (EA26).
The Great Palace of King Akhenaten, The Small and great temples of Aten
(Approx. 3 hours visit).
12.00: Lunch on board.
13:00: Visit Tuna El Gebel & Ashmunein.
16.00: Back to the ship and set sail to Minya.
Overnight in Minya.

Day 10

08:00: Visit Beni Hassan (4 tombs) Half an hour drive from Minya dock (25 KM.)
to visit Tomb of Baqet III (BH15) Tomb of Khety (BH17), Tomb of Amenemhet (BH2), Tomb of Khnumhotep II (BH3)
(Approx. 2 hour visit) .
11:30: Sail to Beni Suif.
Galabya Party.
18:00: Arrive to Beni Suif & Overnight.

Day 11

08:00: Visit Fayoum (Dahshour Pyramids & Maydom).
13:00: Sail to Cairo (05:30 hours).
20:30: Arrive to Cairo & Overnight.

Day 12

08:00: Visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo & Pyramids and Sphinx.
Takht (Oriental Music).
Overnight in Cairo.

Day 13