Excellent trip. fantastic service and food on board of SS Misr

Alison Mills
15 Jan 2018 till Jan 22 2018

Our cruise on the Misr was truly outstanding - wonderful food and spectacular service

Bob Venus
15 Jan 2018 till Jan 22 2018

Treasure of the Nile The staff on the SS Misr were charming and well trained, friendly and easy to talk to. The cruise on board was absolutely delicious and i enjoyed every meal. Also i really appreciated the cleanliness on board - washing our hands before meals etc... was an excellent idea - much appreciated.

John Pearson
15 Jan 2018 till Jan 22 2018

I found Egypt to be a safe, welcoming and absolutely lovely country.
Our tour managers had a great knowledge of Egypt, past and present.
The onboard staff were fantastic – always smiling, courteous, lots of fun and ever obliging.
We particularly appreciated the efforts of those who were seldom seen yet kept the boat running so cleverly – the captain, sailors and engineers.
Lunch on day 13 was a real stand out meal.
Best wishes for the future.

Debby Graham
Cairo / Aswan Sep 22.2017 – Oct 6.2017

I was greatly impressed with the professionalism of everyone.
Nothing was difficult for them to organize or solve.
The ships crew were a delight and their ability to make our cruise so enjoyable was very much appreciated.
They catered for all our requests as having certain Egyptian dishes.

Peter Graham
Cairo / Aswan Sep 22.2017 – Oct 6.2017

Fantastic variety to see & do.
Excellent ship.
Food & service excellent.
Everyone very friendly and helpful.

Mary Till
Cairo / Aswan Sep 22.2017 – Oct 6.2017

The tour was very well organized, beautifully planned and very efficiently managed.
The arrangements with police and army for our protection meant that i never felt unsafe and well protected, i was well cared for wherever i went & my age was respected.
Misr was a beautiful ship and it was a privilege to be on board. My cabin was very comfortable. The cabin cleaners did a good job and were very inventive at arranging my towels! The food was the best i have ever tasted on a cruise – you have wonderful chefs & served bycheerful, smiling, attentive waiters.
The ship’s captain was a true master and his navigational skills highly impressive.
Egypt you are a great country and deserve that the tourists will return in huge numbers, may your future and that of your people be one of peace and prosperity.

Revd. D. Edwards.
Aswan / Cairo Sep 10 – Sep 22.2017

Overall – very good on board. Staff & crew extremely helpful and friendly.

Sir Robert Atkins
Aswan / Cairo Sep 10 – Sep 22.2017

The service provided was excellent and we had a memorable & most enjoyable cruise.
The guides were knowledgeable and looked after us very well. The level of security provided on & off the ship was good and much appreciated.
Staff on the SS Misr went out of their way to provide us with a first class & friendly service.
We would recommend the SS Misr & Traveline to our friends.

Mary Cawley & Nigel
Aswan / Cairo Sep 10 – Sep 22.2017

I am writing to thank you most warmly for managing such a superb cruise along the Nile from 10 – 22 September and for all the kindness shown.
The cruise can not be faulted – efficient organization, impeccable planning, highlt informative guides, unobusive security, comfortable lodgings, very tasty and beautifully cooked food. Excellent staff on board and alert and kindly waiters.
With happy memories of things past and kindest regards to the future.

David (Edwards)
Aswan / Cairo Sep 10 – Sep 22.2017

An excellent cruise – fascinating!
The ship crew, tour content, tour guides etc were all excellent.

Brenden Wells
Cairo / Aswan March 20 – April 3.2017

I can not fault the organisation of this trip & the behind the scenes activity was excellent. I would also like in particular to say what a wonderful guide Bassen was.
All in all the trip was “Maya Maya”

S. Evered
Cairo / Aswan March 20 – April 3.2017