Commissioned by the British Royal Navy and delivered in 1907, the propeller Nile Steamer Misr was first launched on May 28th, 1918 as a British Royal Navy vessel. It arrived in Alexandria, Egypt on September 8th, 1918, from Preston, northwest England, having steamed 3276 nautical miles in 17.5 days.
Having served in World War II, SS Misr ("Egypt" in Arabic) also participated in setting down the 1924 uprising in Sudan as a warship and troop transporter for the British Egyptian joint task force.
After retiring from active duty, Misr went through an entire overhaul; converted into a luxury yacht in 1938 to be used by Egypt's last Monarch, King Farouk.
After Egypt's monarchy was overthrown in 1952, Misr became state property and was allocated to the Egyptian Ministry of Irrigation where it languished in a shipyard in a Cairo suburb until Traveline purchased it in 2003.
With special permission from the state authorities, the steam ship was entirely rebuilt according to its original drawings. In 2006 SS Misr was re-launched and returned to the glorified splendour of its heyday.