Some of the world's most noteworthy individuals have been onboard SS Misr. From the days when the steam ship was kept for the private use of the Egyptian royal family to the present, Misr continues to charm internationally renowned figures.

In 1939, Misr was the venue of a majestic event. Invitations for one royal function - the birthday of the Egyptian Monarch, King Farouk - was found onboard, having survived 70 years. The invitation reads:

"On the occasion on the Birthday Anniversary of His Majesty King Farouk I, the Governor of Cairo requests the honour of your company on board the Misr Nile Steamer at 8pm on February the 10th 1939."

On January 5st, 2009, Sir John Major, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and previous Foreign Minister, boarded SS Misr for a cruise holiday.

Arriving with a group of distinguished individuals, Sir John so enjoyed the cruise onboard Misr, that he later coined the phrase "The MISR was The Orient Express of the Nile," and was constantly found praising the staff.

Sir. Thomas Legg who was on board of our Steam Ship "SS Misr" during the week from 22/03/2010 until 29/03/2010 . 

Sir Thomas Legg is a lawyer and was a high ranking civil servant and member of the Queens Counsel before retiring , He said 'The whole tour has been a wonderful Success and we have both thankfully enjoyed everyday with of it .The accommodation ,the organization .....".