The long cruise is a magical journey through ancient and modern Egypt.       

The river Nile has been always the artery of life in Egypt , the ancient Egyptian civilization was based on the Nile thousands of years ago , they lived along the Nile and they built their temples along the Nile as well , the ancient Egyptian history was divided into 3 kingdoms old ,middle and new each one of them had a capital and centre of cult , cruising the Nile between Cairo and Aswan is an amazing chance to explore these kingdoms from 3200 BC onwards till 200 AD . Cairo where the old kingdom settled , middle Egypt where the middle kingdom settled then upper Egypt where the new kingdom settled visiting like jewels of ancient Egypt along the Nile.

Not only this , but also the long cruise is the real opportunity to explore the country of Egypt because nowadays 94 % of the Egyptians live along the Nile so while cruising the Nile you would get in touch with the life of the modern Egyptians , driving through the main cities while you will be told about the details of their lives in terms of ( culture , industry , agriculture , markets and every other feature of life , as well as the rest of the information needed to be known about the country you are visiting.

You get to see something different at every city you cruise by or driving through it while sightseeing the monuments there and I assure you that you learn a lot about Egypt during such a cruise , So simply this cruise is like a dream journey through the history of one of the oldest civilizations on earth not only this but also it is one of the best ways to visit Egypt .

The long cruise is simply an experience of life time should not be missed.