A first class holiday. The crew and boat staff did a remarkable job cleaning up after the sand storm.

Penelope Platts
20 March till 3 April 2018

Wonderful cruise. Excellent service - housekeeping, food, bar. Exceptional quality of information & assistance from tour maangers.

G. Turnell
20 March till 3 April 2018

A faultless cruise from beginning to end. The staff on the ship were extremely helpful.

Angela Andrews
20 March till 3 April 2018

It has been a fabulous trip which i would recommend to everyone. The accommodation, facilities, staff and food on the Misr have been stunning. Quiet sailing on this beautiful boat..

Jennie Beatson
26 February till 5 March 2018

An excellent experience, and lovely holiday. The crew looked after me well. Please continue to offer this level of service.

Michael McNally
26 February till 5 March 2018

What a fantastic boat and crew!!! We have enjoyed every moment and have been looked after so well - the crew and managers seen genuinely happy in their jobs and there is a great atmosphere. Thank you for everything. P.S. The food is also amazing.

Hilary Glover
26 February till 5 March 2018

Excellent cruise. All staff gave superb service and always with a smile. The food all through the trip was excellent.

Annette Hurford
26 February till 5 March 2018

Excellent holiday. Very good organization & program & boat with very personable, considerate & helpful crew.

R. Golden
15 Jan 2018 till Jan 22 2018

Excellent trip. fantastic service and food on board of SS Misr

Alison Mills
15 Jan 2018 till Jan 22 2018

Our cruise on the Misr was truly outstanding - wonderful food and spectacular service

Bob Venus
15 Jan 2018 till Jan 22 2018

Treasure of the Nile The staff on the SS Misr were charming and well trained, friendly and easy to talk to. The cruise on board was absolutely delicious and i enjoyed every meal. Also i really appreciated the cleanliness on board - washing our hands before meals etc... was an excellent idea - much appreciated.

John Pearson
15 Jan 2018 till Jan 22 2018

I found Egypt to be a safe, welcoming and absolutely lovely country.
Our tour managers had a great knowledge of Egypt, past and present.
The onboard staff were fantastic – always smiling, courteous, lots of fun and ever obliging.
We particularly appreciated the efforts of those who were seldom seen yet kept the boat running so cleverly – the captain, sailors and engineers.
Lunch on day 13 was a real stand out meal.
Best wishes for the future.

Debby Graham
Cairo / Aswan Sep 22.2017 – Oct 6.2017